Board of Directors

Social AID's Board of Directors is comprised of 9 respected members of the society with diverse backgrounds/with different walks of life, ensuring that our work is effective, efficient, economical and yet environment friendly (4Es); fully accountable and true to the development and humanitarian spirit. To evaluate Social AID projects, our Board of Directors make personal visits to field offices and partner organizations. Every three years the Board of Directors elects a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and an Executive Committee to oversee the routine work.

At Social AID a team of professional staff, headed by the Executive Director/CEO, is responsible for the management and the effective running of the organization.

Social AID is governed by a Board of Directors and the names are as under:

  • Professor Syed AHMAD Ali Shah (Chair)
  • Syed Muhammad Ali (Vice Chair)
  • Malik Javeed Hasan, CA (Treasurer)
  • Advocate Bushra Ahmed Gondal
  • Dr. Arshad Rasool Sailzai
  • Mr. Nusrat Tufail Gill
  • Dr. Muhammad Abbas
  • Sajjad Ahmad Bukhari
  • Engineer Colonel (R) Mumtaz Hussain, TBt (Secretary and CEO/ED)

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