Message from the Executive Director

Dear Friends of Social AID,

The support of Social AID’s Board remained remarkable throughout the period and helped organization to operate professionally. We are grateful to all the members and expect the same in future.

We owe our gratitude to all the donors for their financial, technical and moral support during the implementation of Social AID programs. We take this opportunity to thank Social AID staff and Community Organizations for their continuous efforts and dedication that remained the part of the program activities and worked extensively for bringing social change and economic prosperity.

The following pages highlight just some of the many remarkable efforts made by Social AID volunteers and staff during the past years to address urgent needs in some of the most vulnerable communities. Whether responding to disaster, strengthening the well-being of people specially women and children, providing trainings, or building local infrastructure, we at Social AID remained focused on our philosophy: “helping people survive, recognize self-reliance to attain a dignified life, ensuring healthy and prosperous future for all”. Social AID worked to pass on the skills and knowledge essential for this self -reliance through its training programs – from the field to the finance office.

Central to Social AID ability to help those in need is the support we have received from those of you, who share our philosophy and believe as we do. On behalf of all Social AID volunteers, staff, and the people we serve, we want to thank the many individuals, donors, governmental agencies, and other institutions and community organizations that make our work possible. We look forward to continuing our work together for meeting the challenges of reducing poverty and supporting poorest of the poor towards their sustained livelihoods by “strengthening people for disasters and environmentally sensitive development” for the current and future generations.

Engineer Colonel (Retd.) Mumtaz Hussain, TBt
Executive Director

Col. Engineer Mumtaz Hussain, TBt












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