Our code of conduct

  1. Social AID Code of ConductWe negate discrimination of all kinds and in all forms;
  2. We promote self-resilience;
  3. We shall build partnerships at all levels;
  4. We shall building local capacity by linking indigenous & scientific knowledge for appropriate, locally acceptable and low-cost solutions;
  5. We shall strive for fulfilling basic needs even in emergency relief aid aiming at reducing future vulnerabilities;
  6. We endeavor for need-based, sustainable, result-oriented interventions and implementation of 4Es (effective, efficient, economical & yet environmental friendly) and 3Rs (reduce, reuse & recycle);
  7. We shall respect local customs, cultures and values;
  8. Action research & information sharing shall be keys for sustainable development;
  9. We shall promote responsibility, dignity, transparency and accountability at all levels; and
  10. We promote non-violent conflict resolution. 


Other Codes, Charters and Practices

We at Social AID commit and ensure to follow several codes and practices besides our own code of conduct and core values.

To save LIFE, without any discrimination of every living-being that needs our help is our commitment.

Social AID is able to respond quickly and effectively to people who are unable to meet their own basic needs, especially in emergency situations. In all emergency interventions, Social AID is guided by the following codes of conduct and practice:


Help us, to help those who are in real need. Your small contribution can bring big change in their lives.

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