Our History

Syed AHMAD Ali Shah

Social AID is registered charitable, not-for-profit agency with registered charity. Social AID is engaged in humanitarian, environment and participatory development. Whether responding to disaster, strengthening the well-being of people specially women and children, providing trainings, or building local infrastructure, we at Social AID remained focused on our philosophy of: “strengthening people for disaster, participatory and environmentally sensitive development”. Founded in 1990, Social AID works to pass on the skills and knowledge essential for this self-resilience through its training programs – from the field to the finance office.


Social AID is engaged in inter-dependant, interrelated, and interconnected - uplifting the environmental and socio-economic conditions of rural and urban communities, particularly women, children and elderly by targeting extreme poverty reduction and making communities disaster risk resilient (DRR) and self-resilient to ensure sustainable livelihood.


Social AID acts as a catalyst and umbrella organization, consulting and advisory body and capacity building organization for other agencies and partner organizations. We are ambitious in our goals and aim to be an ever more powerful force for good in future years.

Help us, to help those who are in real need. Your small contribution can bring big change in their lives.

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