Our core values

Social AID Core Values

DIGNITY & Mutual respect: We ensure and promote people’s dignity, potential, and contributions of all individuals, organizations, and partners including our own staff.

DEDICATION & Service without discrimination: We are dedicated to provide services without discrimination to build individual and organizational partnerships for effective, efficient, economical and yet environmentally friendly (4Es) initiatives to serve poorest of the poor and marginalized communities at large.

INTEGRITY, Transparency & Accountability: We ensure that our interventions are well integrated, consistent and transparent with our vision, mission, core values and code of conduct alongwith responsibility of our individual and organizational actions.

ENHANCED CAPACITY for greater & long-lasting impact: We ensure action-learning and capacity building initiatives to incorporate new horizons for not doing more, but of doing things differently for enhanced and sustained performance to create greater and long-lasting impact.


Help us, to help those who are in real need. Your small contribution can bring big change in their lives.

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