Specialist Areas of Interest

Emergency Relief program (technical, social, economic); Livelihood initiatives

Health and health n' hygiene education (especially HIV/AIDs; Hepatitis; Drugs, etc.) emergency relief (food, shelter, technical assistance and training);

Social and human resources development; income-generation activities/programs (community organization, development and management; especially children, women, disabled and vulnerable groups, etc.);

Appropriate technology (affordable and sustainable); safe, reliable and accessible water-supply; wastewater and solid waste management; low-cost sanitation; sewerage and other municipal services management;

Feasibility studies; surveying; research and program/project execution for integrating environmental and socio-economic aspects in development planning;

Project preparation / planning implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation of rural & urban infrastructure / service delivery; urban engineering; slum improvement; economic and financial management;

Environmental management (monitoring; assessment; and management; preventing/abating pollution); solid and hazardous waste management; environmental awareness; training/education and capacity building;

Institutional development and strengthening (autonomy; leadership; team-building and financial viability);

Natural resources conservation and management (conserving forests; bio-diversity; desertification; range lands; livestock; protecting watersheds and increasing irrigation efficiency, etc.);

Environmentally-sensitive industrial development and increasing energy efficiency;

Coastal area development; protecting water bodies and sustaining fisheries;


Staff Capacities/Skills:

Humanitarian, Disasters Preparedness & Mitigation, Monitoring & Evaluation, Log, Communication & Linkage Building, Program Management, Environment, Water & Sanitation, Food & NFIs Distribution, Shelter, Health, Sustainable Livelihood, Participatory & Community Development

Project designing/preparation, planning, and implementation;

Program implementation of projects like social, environmental, Disasters livelihood and economic generating activities;

Designing and implementation of Solid Waste Management Program;

Research and Consultant services for social and environment related projects;

Design and training of Project Monitoring & Evaluation.

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