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Social AID Moving ForwardThis strategic plan was developed in 2006 with input from all of Social AID’s staff, Board of Directors, members and key partners. It is the framework against which we will make choices about our priorities for action for the next five years. Staff teams will turn these words into practical action plans and clear indicators every year, so that we can chart the progress that is being achieved.


The strategic plan will be a disciplined and flexible tool that will provide a clear focus for Social AID’s work while fostering a professional and ambitious agency. We will continue to consult our staff, partners, donors and members on Social AID’s direction during the next five years. And within the best possible understanding of the risks and uncertainties which surround any agency, we will seize opportunities that can help the some of the poorest of the poor and marginalized communities and the voicing movement of restoring dignity and self resilience of the individuals and organizations we work with and for to have a greater impact, grow and improve.


Above all, in everything we do, Social AID will strive to fulfill our vision, mission, and values besides respecting local customs, cultures and values through implementation of this plan, proving our value and effectiveness to our member organizations, our partners and supporters, and communities and individuals we work for and with around the world.


Help us, to help those who are in real need. Your small contribution can bring big change in their lives.

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