Research and Development

Research is the KEY of Social AID's activities. The research program of Social AID intends to identify environmental, social, technical and economic problems in the development efforts and to find out their low-cost and locally acceptable solutions.

The main thrust of research is to find out appropriate participatory methods in identifying, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs / projects to achieve environmentally sensitive development. Social AID also under- takes research and consulting contracts, and employ research staff for support of these activities. Social AID has always Shown great emphasis on the provision of appropriate, affordable, and sustainable engineering facilities.

Social AID Team has the pride to provide world-class professional consulting and advisory services to IAPs (UN agencies, national & international agencies, provincial & national governments, NGOs, CBOs, private sector, donor agencies, educational & research institutions, male and female community activists and community leaders, etc.), engaged in, environment and development activities for sustainable livelihood by "Empowering and Strengthening People (Specially Women) at Different Levels".

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